June 17, 2019

French Tech Start Up selects Nanaimo as it’s Americas base

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Elodie Bouthors a partner with Globethik a French tech start-up has chosen Nanaimo as her base of operations to lead their market growth across Canada, North and South America.

Globethik offers a booking website for responsible tourism, created for travelers who want to give their trip an ethical dimension by choosing excursions that have a positive economic, social and environmental impact.  Globethik offers access to a multitude of excursions around the world, and provides 100% customized and sustainable trips on demand.

Globethik was imagined by its founder Charlotte Simoni after a 6 months trip to Asia.  Charlotte realized how complicated and time consuming it was to find reliable and sustainable excursions to visit Asia in a “better way”.  Elodie joined Charlotte in December 2017, and together they created Globethik which launched online in October 2018.

Elodie moved to Canada in 2016 where she initially worked in Vancouver.  After many trips to the island she and her partner decided to move from Vancouver to the island.  They fell in love with the Island, the nature, the ocean, and the friendly people. They wanted to experience on a daily basis the feeling of relaxation and happiness that they experienced during their visits to the island.

Elodie’s partner was able to start a general contractor company called HS IslandBuild, and Elodie continued to fulfill her position as Partner with Globethik.

Elodie and her Partner selected Nanaimo as it is growing and developing fast, and provides many business opportunities. Being centrally located on the island, with a direct ferry or flight connection to Vancouver, it is easy to travel around the island and be connected to the mainland.

Nanaimo offers a great life quality, and it is affordable for businesses to operate. More and more entrepreneurs are making the move.

Elodie along with other Entrepreneurs works out of the Input Co-work space in downtown Nanaimo where every day she gets to work with other forward-thinking, and supportive people.

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