Service through Advocacy

MIBI is here to support and help you, whether it’s during your business’ move to the Mid Vancouver Island region or during a time of growth. We want to help advocate for your business or organization.

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Our Initiatives

Provide support and constructive advice to Nanaimo Prosperity Corporation:

MIBI is very pleased to see Nanaimo Prosperity Corporation (NPC) ramping up their mission to enhance the economic development of the Nanaimo Region. MIBI will continue to support this ramp up, encourage entrepreneurial thinking and provide constructive advice from employers in the region to the Executive Director and Board of NPC.

Advocate for new Workforce Housing:

Many local workers can no longer afford market housing in the region. As a result, employers are struggling to attract and retain employees. MIBI will continue to advocate for construction of new housing in the region specifically targeted at those on limited incomes. Facilitating this
new supply will require the support and cooperation of all three levels of government and MIBI will continue to propose and support creative new housing developments at both the Municipal and Provincial levels.

Encourage safe working and living environment in the City of Nanaimo:

Safety and security is an increasing concern for employers in the City of Nanaimo—particularly in Downtown Nanaimo. The unhoused population is a growing contributor to those concerns. MIBI will continue to propose solutions to Nanaimo City Council, NPC and other community organizations and to advocate for timely action.

Support solutions for the City of Nanaimo reducing processing time of building permit and rezoning applications:

The current processing time by the City of Nanaimo for applications is much too long. The result is a reduction in the number of much needed new housing in the City and lengthy delays in the provision of new commercial premises to accommodate new and expanding businesses. Other communities in Canada have found ways to expedite these processes and MIBI is committed to sharing best practices which will enable the City to streamline the permitting processes in order to expedite these approvals.