Indaba a growing Parksville based company sourcing products around the World for the North American market

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Indaba is an African word that means “a gathering of people.”

Indaba was created as an idea that evolved into a thriving established wholesale business, all while operating out of the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

Irene Held immigrated from her native South Africa with her young family in the early 1990s. Once arriving on Vancouver Island she saw a niche market for the eclectic decors that Asia and Africa had to offer.  It didn’t take long for the unique products to gain wide popularity and soon enough Indaba was exporting all over North America straight from the sandy shores of Parksville.

Indaba’s products have evolved over time as the team has sourced products from all over the world, while putting a large focus on fair trade and ethically made products. Being able to create long lasting relationships with their artisans has enabled them to aid in the design and creations of many of the company’s wears, ensuring they constantly have a finger on the pulse of trends and making them a leader in the home décor industry.

Being in the import/export business on Vancouver Island has not come without its challenges, but strong relationships forged with transportation companies have allowed for the continued success of Indaba as the company rapidly grows.

Today Indaba employs over 30 people, most of whom call Mid Vancouver Island home.

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