Founded in 1986 by two young mechanical engineers, Jim Hogan and Tony Menard, VMAC Global Technology Inc. started as Atom Machine Shop.

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The company got its start when it was awarded a Canadian Military contract to create “throw away” jet engines for target drones. This project was short-lived due to the recession, and in 1988 Atom Machine Shop transitioned to engineering UNDERHOOD compressor mounts for service trucks. This opportunity almost 30 years ago marked the beginning of what is now VMAC—Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors. In 1990 VMAC relocated to Nanaimo, BC, Tony’s hometown.

Over the next 27 years the company grew significantly. In 1997 a revolutionary UNDERHOOD rotary screw air compressor was released. This would become the flagship product of VMAC for many years. The company continued to grow, and has since released a suite of six different types of air compressors and multi-power systems, including diesel, gas and hydraulic driven air compressors, UNDERHOOD and transmission mounted air compressors, and multifunction power systems. VMAC air compressors are sold worldwide and are trusted by the world’s leading brands, including Cummins, Finning Cat, Kal Tire, Lincoln Electric, and Quality Product Solutions.

Today, VMAC has 100 employees working in Nanaimo at its 33,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility. Though not located in a major Canadian city, VMAC is able to attract top talent by leveraging the unique benefits of the idyllic Nanaimo location. With a relatively low cost of living, Nanaimo offers a high quality of life for VMAC coworkers and their families. Plenty of access to great schools, exceptional restaurants, recreational facilities, parks, lakes and beaches make this Vancouver Island community highly desirable. One of the best climates in Canada means residents enjoy mild winters and beautiful summers.

VMAC’s facility also takes advantage of its beautiful surroundings. Situated on 8 acres of private land and surrounded by towering cedar trees, VMAC’s coworkers are able to enjoy the natural park-like grounds while at work. Picnic tables and shelters are set up to enjoy outdoor breaks and meetings, while there’s also a maintained network of trails weaving through the forest. Each day you can find groups stretching their legs and enjoying a nature walk, relaxing and recharging.

The Nanaimo location also positions VMAC to be able to offer a variety of shipping options to its authorized dealer network and customers worldwide. Air compressors are regularly shipped throughout Canada and the United States, the United Kingdom, and even as far as Australia and New Zealand. Dealers can choose shipping options such as next day air, economy air, ground courier, and LTL trucking. VMAC has also taken steps to ensure cross-border shipments are processed in a timely manner, qualifying for the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program. This means VMAC has implemented a wide range of security measures, proving the company to be low risk, and thus less likely to be examined and delayed at a U.S. port of entry.

VMAC is an award-winning manufacturer, and proud to be located on Vancouver Island. Improving the quality of life for each coworker and their families and contributing to the local economy has been part of the company’s driving purpose for the past 30 years, and will continue to be as the company grows and thrives in Nanaimo, BC.

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